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toothbrush heads

philips sonicare hx6062 diamondclean standard electric clean 2 brush heads

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Philip Brush HeadOral B Brush Head

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toothbrush heads

Traditional toothbrush heads is difficult to completely remove plaque, coupled with brushing method should not be, so that the role of brushing the cleaning effect greatly reduced. Experiments show that the electric toothbrush heads more than manual toothbrush heads more than 38% of the plaque, its cleaning capacity has been consistent by oral experts.

Comfortable feeling
The incorrect way to brush your teeth is often suffering from our gums. Electric toothbrush heads high-speed rotation and produce a slight vibration, not only can promote the oral blood circulation, the gingival tissue also has an unexpected massage effect, and this comfortable feeling only personally experienced before they can know.

Fun to feel
This is not only applicable to many children who do not like to brush their teeth, but also apply to adults. As the electric toothbrush heads volume than the traditional toothbrush heads increased a lot, so the appearance will have a martial arts can be down. Looked at a “sports car” in front of his mouth back and forth “run” move, brushing naturally become a pleasure.

Reduce damage
When using ordinary toothbrush heads to brush your teeth, the intensity of the use of the user’s own control, and sometimes difficult to brush the teeth too much, or the use of incorrect pull-type horizontal brush method, which will cause damage to the teeth and gums. Experiments show that electric toothbrush heads can reduce the rate of brushing about sixty percent, so that the incidence of gingivitis and gingival bleeding decreased by 62%, so that brushing the process more safe and effective.

Whitening beautiful
Electric toothbrush heads can effectively reduce the tea, coffee and poor oral conditions caused by tooth stains, restore the original color of the teeth. And this adjustment is not immediately effective, but with the daily brushing and gradually progress, and will not cause any damage to the teeth themselves.

Easy to use
Everyone in the rest or early morning to get up, there will be no too much effort and strength, it can not guarantee the time to brush your teeth and brush teeth action norms, the health effects of the teeth naturally greatly reduced. Electric toothbrush heads can be a good solution to this problem, automatic rotation of the brush, ergonomic overall design, to ensure the effectiveness of brushing and convenient. Use it so convenient, brushing naturally very easy, but also easy to cultivate our good habits.


1, install the brush head will be tightly fitted into the toothbrush heads shaft, until the brush head and metal shaft buckle.
2, with warm water to adjust the brush softness: warm water: soft; cold water: moderate, ice water: slightly hard. Strongly recommended for the first time users, first soaked in warm water (below 40 ℃) and then use! And soaked in warm water after the bristles are very supple, brush up feeling very comfortable, so use 2 to 5 times habits, the hardness of the bristles with your preferences to decide.
3, how to squeeze toothpaste: can be used with any brand of toothpaste. The toothpaste vertical alignment bristles in the seam into the amount of toothpaste. In order to avoid toothpaste splash, it is best to plug the toothpaste before turning on the power.
4, how to effectively brush your teeth: brush your teeth, the brush from the thinnest door into the teeth. So that the teeth in the middle of the brush gently pull back and forth, until the toothpaste blister, open the electric switch, the brush after the vibration of moderate force, from the front teeth to move back and forth toothbrush heads, clean all the teeth! In general, the use of electric toothbrush heads brushing every two minutes to play a thorough cleaning effect.
5, how to use the scraping tongue: brush the teeth, it is best to use the brush on the back of the edge of the tongue scraping the tongue on the tongue, to completely clean the tongue effect.
6, in order to avoid the bubble splash, remove the toothbrush heads from the mouth before closing the toothbrush heads power.
7, how to clean the toothbrush heads hair: After each brushing, the brush into the water, open the electric switch, gently shaking a few times, and then tapping the brush, you can wash the brushes on the foreign body and toothpaste.

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