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Brush your teeth every day but do you really know how to choose a toothbrush?

Brushing teeth is the main way to keep the mouth clean, we brush your teeth every day. The development of science and technology makes people become more and more lazy, and now even brushing the realization of the electric. But is electric toothbrush really better than ordinary toothbrush? Are everyone suitable for electric toothbrushes? How do we choose your own toothbrush?

How to choose your own toothbrush?
Whether it is electric toothbrush or ordinary toothbrush, the purpose is to better clean and protect the teeth. If you choose the wrong toothbrush, may cause gingival atrophy, or cause bad teeth wear. So, electric or not is the most critical element of the choice of toothbrush, the key is to see whether the toothbrush for their own.

“Health newspaper” recommends that people choose the best for their mouth size and shape of the toothbrush head, the criteria for judging whether the toothbrush head in the mouth can freely clean the teeth, if your mouth is smaller, narrow teeth, the most narrow, the most Good choice for a little bit of toothbrush head.

In addition, different toothbrush head of different lengths of hair, if there is no special needs, people should choose the length of the flat head toothbrush. However, if fitted with dentures, you can choose a professional denture cleaning toothbrush to clean the denture plastic and metal parts. If it is healthy teeth, you should choose a soft brush with a toothbrush, this can reduce the gums on the gums damage.

Not everyone is suitable for use with electric toothbrushes

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The principle of electric toothbrush is through the rapid rotation of the brush to produce high-frequency vibration, the toothpaste will be broken down into tiny bubbles, in order to thoroughly clean the teeth. According to the World Wide Web reported that clinical trials have shown that, at the same time, electric toothbrush bristles can also promote the oral blood circulation.

However, this does not mean that everyone is suitable for use with electric toothbrushes. “Health” has suggested that children under the age of 7 is best not to use electric toothbrushes, because young children may not be able to master the same time as adults and efforts, coupled with their periodontal tenderness, one can not pay attention to injury. In addition, the child’s hand coordination is not strong, there may be a long time with electric toothbrush brush one or two teeth of the situation, it is more likely to cause periodontal tissue damage, and may even wear teeth enamel.

Finally have to remind you, often concerned about the use of the state of the toothbrush, such as whether the hair lodging, etc., should ensure that at least every 3 months for a toothbrush.

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