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Electric toothbrush really worth buying?

Every morning, we will do one thing is to brush your teeth. With the emergence of electric toothbrushes, both stars and ordinary people are beginning to try to use this new technology to brush our teeth for the service. So, ordinary toothbrush and electric toothbrush compared to which effect is good? Expensive electric toothbrush worth starting? Today’s life big bang section, and we come to talk about this topic.

Is the electric toothbrush good?

When you use the traditional toothbrush, it is difficult to completely remove plaque, coupled with brushing method should not be, brushing the cleaning effect greatly reduced, so even if you brush your teeth every day, there is always bleeding gums, tooth decay and other oral problems.

Deep cleansing

The traditional toothbrush is difficult to clean the position of the teeth. Due to the lack of long-term clean, many dental creations are produced at the teeth. Electric toothbrush through the brush high-frequency vibration, instantly break down the toothpaste into a tiny bubble, not only can quickly clean the tooth surface, but also in-depth clean your teeth, deep cleaning.

Reduce damage

Use ordinary toothbrush to brush your teeth, and sometimes it is difficult to brush your teeth too much, or the use of incorrect pull-type horizontal brush method, which will cause damage to your teeth and gums. As long as the use of appropriate, electric toothbrush can reduce the rate of about 60% of the brushing. The bristles of the bristles can promote the oral blood circulation, the gingival tissue has an unexpected massage effect, reduce brushing, the brush on the teeth of the injury.

Prevention of oral diseases

Common dental diseases, such as tooth decay, gum bleeding, periodontitis and plaque are related. Studies have shown that electric toothbrushes can remove 38% more plaque than manual toothbrushes. From the side, the electric toothbrush can help prevent tooth decay, gum bleeding, periodontitis and other oral diseases.

Cultivate good brushing habits

People get up in the morning, there will be no too much spirit and strength, this time brushing can not guarantee the time to brush your teeth and brush teeth action norms, the health effects of the teeth naturally greatly reduced. Electric toothbrush can help you solve this problem, swing your own brush, ergonomic overall design, to ensure that the brushing of the effective and convenient, but also easy to cultivate your better brushing habits.

To ensure brushing time

toothbrush heads

When using a traditional toothbrush, the dentist suggests that we have to brush for 3 minutes. Traditional toothbrush brushing, we usually do not calculate so accurate; and with a regular function of the electric toothbrush, you can accurately control the brushing time, so as to ensure that each brushing the cleaning effect. The use of electric toothbrushes can help you save time in the busy morning and make your life more efficient.

Is it worth buying electric toothbrush?

Through the above advantages can be seen, electric toothbrush is still more practical. But this kind of new technology products, the price is not low, then it is worth buying? In general, an electric toothbrush body can use 2 to 3 years, brush head and traditional toothbrush as long as every three months to change The If you buy a 200 yuan electric toothbrush, use 3 years, flat to every day also 0.18 yuan. If your teeth are in question, the price of the dentist is much more expensive than buying a motorized toothbrush.

So in general, as long as you choose a moderate price of the product, electric toothbrush is still worth buying.

Can children use electric toothbrushes?

Electric toothbrush because of the use of convenience, is more popular new brushing tool, for adults, the use of electric toothbrush can save a lot of time, but for children to use electric toothbrush will have to pay attention. In general, children within 7 years of age is not suitable for the use of electric toothbrush, because such toothbrush more rapid rotation, unlike the manual toothbrush that can control the intensity at any time, children in this age, the gums are not strong enough, if long Will lead to damage to the child’s gums.

For children within 7 years of age, oral experts generally recommend not to use electric toothbrush, with the manual more ideal, this will not damage the child’s gums, the child’s teeth development is very helpful, if you must use up to a week should not exceed twice it is good.

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