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Half of the Americans are really so good with electric toothbrushes

Oral disease is a common disease that affects human health. According to the survey data show that China’s children deciduous teeth caries rate as high as 67%, middle-aged population of permanent teeth caries rate of 59.9%, the elderly population of 6.9% of all teeth, population gingivitis, calculus detection rate is higher , Oral health is generally poor.

Oral disease to the patient, family, society caused great economic burden, to the social and economic development can not be ignored the impact of China’s current stage is the most prominent health problems.

The Current Situation of Oral Health in China and the Disparity with the World

Over the past few decades, a large number of studies and clinical trials have confirmed that effective removal of plaque is the key to maintaining long-term health care for dental and periodontal tissue. For people with higher risk of periodontitis, if the plaque can not be effectively controlled, the periodontal condition will deteriorate once the periodontitis is produced. Only in the plaque control on the basis of good oral treatment can be achieved success.

Dental plaque is the culprit leading to oral disease

So, how can we effectively remove plaque? The answer is simple, that is the use of toothbrush!

Foreign scholars in 1986, the effect of brushing depends on: ① toothbrush design, ② brushing skills, ③ brushing teeth frequency, ④ brushing the length of time.

Because in the usual brushing process, it is difficult to ensure that brushing skills and brushing teeth frequency to achieve the best effect of removing plaque. In this context, Bemann and Woog from Switzerland invented the first electric toothbrush, which was introduced by Squibb Pharmaceuticals in the 1959 American Year of Dentistry, named “Broxodent”.

At that time the invention of electric toothbrush is the original intention of the teeth for people who are not high attention, oral health maintenance enthusiasm is not high crowd and master manual brushing technology difficult people, according to the standard use of electric toothbrush may be more frequent and better cleaning teeth The In short is to improve people’s attention to the protection of teeth, the development of a novel product so that people fall in love with brushing, and make the brushing process more simple and convenient.

Than the manual toothbrush, electric toothbrush really brush it more clean?

In China’s oral protective system is not perfect against the background, people’s attention to the health of the teeth seems to be far from enough, and it is the emergence of electric toothbrush, let people re-brushing interest, people are gradually willing to study to study , My teeth how to brush how to be the most healthy. Then the electric toothbrush really can brush than the manual toothbrush more clean it?

The development of electric toothbrush

As mentioned earlier, electric toothbrush design is designed to help people with hand-based disease to provide convenience, after the performance of non-stop development and improvement. More and more people are starting to use electric toothbrushes. And more people use electric toothbrush is to “lazy” or want to brush your teeth more convenient and interesting! Electric toothbrush compared with the traditional toothbrush, what are the advantages?

An article entitled “The development of electric toothbrush status analysis,” the scientific and technological papers out of which the mystery. The article summarizes the following aspects:

· Efficient cleaning

The use of traditional toothbrush, clean oral teeth mainly by subjective feelings, because the action is often biased, the actual cleaning effect will be discounted, the number of scrub is not enough or not close to the teeth.

Electric toothbrush rotation or vibration principle, the unit time contact area is larger, more work times, can cover the number of times the role of the tooth surface and teeth, theoretically better cleaning effect. Sichuan Huaxi Institute of Stomatology in the “electric toothbrush and traditional toothbrush on the effect of oral hygiene comparison” in the data show that rotary vibration electric toothbrush to remove plaque, reduce the effect of gingivitis is significantly better than the traditional toothbrush, and its actual results Got the argument.

· Intensity control

Traditional toothbrush use, the intensity is sometimes regardless of severity or difficult to control, some men in order to achieve the effect of cleaning vigorously, under the brush force, not only damage the gums, virtually also damage the teeth. The use of electric toothbrush, the intensity of uniform, do not need to increase the friction under the premise of the completion of the vertical direction of the brush clean, reduce dental pulp damage, so that the cleaning process more efficient and safe.

Time guarantee

Tooth cleaning work is the need for time to ensure that the electric toothbrush takes 2 minutes, the traditional toothbrush brushing generally takes 3 minutes of cleaning time, but in the current compact pace of life, people brush your teeth often fast, take a child, Electric toothbrush with intelligent timer function, to ensure that brushing time control in 2 minutes, regular remind, to ensure the complete cleaning of teeth, improve efficiency and convenience of life.

· Massage experience

Electric toothbrush in the high-speed vibration and rotation, the gums have a massage effect, increase the blood circulation within the mouth, by the coffee, perennial tea to bring the tartar problem, but also a certain adjustment effect. And because of the sense of experience, will attract some lazy young people to improve the fun of brushing, virtually reducing the oral problem, to achieve the effect of cleaning teeth.

Remember how to clean your teeth in a healthy way? This depends on: ① toothbrush design, ② brushing skills, ③ brushing teeth frequency, ④ brushing the length of time. Electric toothbrush perfect to solve these four problems, making the teeth more clean, and let the brush teeth become more interesting, so that people become willing to brush their teeth, which is in addition to a simple technical level, we choose a major cause of electric toothbrush.

Acoustic toothbrush VS mechanical toothbrush: Which is better?

Since the electric toothbrush compared to ordinary toothbrush in ease of use, skills, comfort, etc. have different degrees of improvement, then we really need to spend so much money to buy a electric toothbrush? Please continue down the card.

At present, the domestic market of electric toothbrushes, according to technical principles, mainly divided into three categories:

The first is the mechanical rotation of the electric toothbrush, mainly by rotating the drive shaft to drive the brush to do left and right circular motion, to strengthen the friction to clean the teeth, speed more than 7000-9000.

Mechanical rotary electric toothbrush

The second category is the acoustic shock type electric toothbrush, which can be sustained and stable internal kinetic energy output to the top of the bristles, bristles per minute vibration frequency up to 31,000 times, combined with about 4-5mm bristles vibration amplitude, in the mouth Driving the flow of water and bubbles to produce mobile force, so as to effectively remove the tooth gap and other oral dead ends.

Acoustic vibration toothbrush

The third category is air spray electric toothbrush. In the brush handle built with a small mist toothpaste, brush at the toothpaste channel and the nozzle, the nozzle hidden in the toothbrush hair follicles in the nozzle also has a soft one-way valve to block the nozzle, aerosol toothpaste in the air pressure Under the action of the top soft rubber check valve ejected from the nozzle. Open the electric toothbrush after the aerosol toothpaste will be regularly sprayed to the teeth, regardless of the electric toothbrush how to shake the aerosol toothpaste can be completely in contact with the teeth and fully effective. After the liquid toothpaste can be used to replace a canned into.

More than three types of electric toothbrush, in addition to air spray electric toothbrush less, the first two types of electric toothbrush to occupy the mainstream market, the basic use of domestic and foreign feedback is better.

According to the survey, the United States has more than half of the electric toothbrush, and China is currently less than 5%, which shows that the public for this novel brushing way has not opened his heart, can not accept it peacefully.

The cold numbers do not seem to determine the outcome of a problem, after all, to specific problems, specific analysis, can not assert that electric toothbrush is really much better than manual toothbrush. It does not matter, we have to rationally look at the problem, after all, what is the magic of these two electric toothbrush, and the high price in the end worth not let us start, we read the following content and then do not decide later

The above is a brief introduction to the basic working principle of the two electric toothbrushes, then we look at what they have to help and affect the teeth.

First of all, from the point of view of tooth wear, long-term use of acoustic vibration toothbrush can better care gums. According to the data show that the use of electric toothbrush brushing teeth, brushing teeth in the 90-150g will increase the tooth wear, and with the brushing force increases, the teeth will be increased wear, and rotating toothbrush than the vibration of the toothbrush on the teeth The average wear and tear of 4-5 times, more likely to cause damage to the enamel and gums.

The sonic vibration toothbrush built-in pressure sensor, you can inspire brushing efforts, gentle care enamel, to avoid excessive efforts to cause additional damage to the gums. So if you brush your teeth when there is no way to control the sound, the sound wave toothbrush may be more suitable for you.

Rotary electric toothbrush to clean the teeth

From the tooth cleaning point of view, with a sound wave toothbrush to brush your teeth can be brushed more clean. Rotary toothbrush cleaning methods similar to the manual toothbrush, are relying on the contact with the teeth of the brush surface cleaning, it is difficult to go deep into the oral blind area for cleaning, and these areas is precisely the plaque of the “gathering place.”

The sound wave toothbrush can not only effectively clean the tooth surface, through the sound waves generated by the flow of clean force can penetrate the teeth, can effectively remove the occlusion in the dental cavity and other dental blind spots in the dental plaque, clean teeth more comprehensive.

Through the sound wave vibration generated by the flow of sound vibration toothbrush

And acoustic vibration toothbrush through the vibration amplitude and frequency generated by the flow of clean power to achieve clean teeth and blind areas at the same time, more moderate and not wear teeth and hurt the gum health, to the teeth safe and effective care.

In short, the conclusion is:

In the degree of wear: manual> rotary> acoustic vibration

On the cleanliness: Sonic vibration> Rotation> Manual

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On the cost: sonic vibration> rotary> manual

Of course, is the so-called “radish vegetables, each have love”, do not know you friends, in the face of the choice of toothbrush, you will choose to rotate or acoustic vibration or continue to use the traditional?

4 how to correctly use electric toothbrush?

Of course, the above test results are guaranteed under the uniform conditions; if you can not grasp the correct brushing method, as well as good brushing habits spend several times more money to buy electric toothbrush is also white! The following to teach you how to use electric toothbrush, so that we spend less money wasted.

The basic structure of the teeth

To learn how to use electric toothbrushes to clean the teeth properly, first of all, we must first understand the basic structure of the teeth. Our daily brushing, mainly on the teeth inside and outside, occlusal surface, tooth gap and gingival sulcus for cleaning. Teeth on the surface of dental toothache easy to clear, and gingival sulcus, tooth gap if improper cleaning, not only easy to cause damage to the teeth, but also breed a variety of oral problems.

· Rotary toothbrush use method

Warm water immersion: with warm water to adjust the brush softness: warm water: soft; cold water: moderate; ice water: slightly hard. It is strongly recommended that the first user, soaked in warm water (below 40 ℃) and then use! As China has more than 95% of people suffering from periodontal disease, the feeling of the gums will be more sensitive, and soaked in warm water after the brush is very supple , Brush up feeling very comfortable, so use 2 to 5 times the habit, the hardness of the bristles with your preferences to decide.

Effective brushing: brush your teeth, the brush from the thinnest front teeth into. So that the teeth in the middle of the brush gently pull back and forth, until the toothpaste bubble, open the electric switch, the brush after the appropriate vibration, from the front teeth to move back and forth toothbrush, clean all the teeth! In general, the use of electric toothbrush Brush your teeth every two minutes to play a thorough cleaning effect.

Electric toothbrush timer

In addition, electric toothbrush generally have built-in timer (timer), 2 minutes of brushing time set is very user-friendly, even more high-end is also divided into four regions 30 seconds to remind, so the basic electric toothbrush can guarantee every 2 minutes Brush your teeth time.

If the electric toothbrush with 30 seconds to remind the region, please follow the order in this picture to brush your teeth

Cleaning toothbrush hair: each brushing, the brush into the water, open the electric switch, gently shaking a few times, and then tapping the brush, you can wash the residue in the bristles on the foreign body and toothpaste.

· Sonic vibration toothbrush use method

And for acoustic vibration electric toothbrush, we must first clear who is not suitable for:

1, who have just received oral periodontal surgery or are being treated.

2, the mouth has other symptoms, such as dentures are not strong or sustained large number of people bleeding.

3, the mouth sensitive and vulnerable groups.

4, the disabled, the mentally ill, the lack of relevant experience.

Children aged 5 and 12 need to be used under the supervision of the guardian.

When brushing teeth, toothbrush and gums were 45 degrees angle

Effective brushing: the toothbrush into the mouth, along the gum line, so that between the toothbrush and the gum was about 45 degrees angle, and then gently push the toothbrush with your fingertips, along the gum line slowly moving, toothbrush movement at the same time, longer Of the bristles can effectively clean the gap between the teeth, then the toothbrush head slowly into the inside of the teeth, focusing on cleaning the lower incisors inside, because this place is easy to accumulate tartar. Bite the surface of the cleaning is even more simple, as long as the slow moving toothbrush, acoustic vibration toothbrush flow force can help you get everything, and do not need to manually back and forth.

Keep twice a day, a 2 minute brushing cycle, three months to replace the brush a good habit

The toothbrush hair cleaning method, acoustic vibration toothbrush and rotary toothbrush similar, here will not repeat them.

In addition, in order to extend the life of the toothbrush, brush your teeth after brushing a full rinse. In order to achieve the best cleaning effect, oral care experts recommend that every three months to replace the toothbrush head.

Finally remind you about:

· Toothbrush is just a tool that can not be overly dependent, attitudes and methods are most important. Ordinary manual toothbrush, but also to achieve excellent net tooth effect.

In addition, the electric toothbrush is only to reduce your threshold to brush your teeth, so brush teeth become more simple and simple, the actual effect is different.

It is no use that the electric toothbrush is weak. Daily care better teeth, smooth surface, strength light toothbrush can easily clean up.

The structure of the brush on the cleaning effect of a huge, thin and soft hair is easy to deep gingival sulcus and teeth, hard brush is difficult to do, forced brush teeth will damage the fragile gums, and even hurt the enamel.

Today’s science here to friends, I hope we can have a healthy teeth, after reading this article can pick out their real need to toothbrush

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