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Sound wave electric toothbrush good where?

In the past few years, because of the strong recommendation of friends, so they started a electric toothbrush, in fact, the electric toothbrush is not a lot of understanding, but that should be more than manual brushing more trouble, and the brush should also be clean Some, but after a period of time, found that electric toothbrush really a little dependent. Recently, rice has also launched a sonic electric toothbrush, so they brought back the urge to change the electric toothbrush, then the sound wave electric toothbrush in the end what are the advantages? Today we are going to talk about this topic.

First, what is the electric toothbrush good?

In order to facilitate the explanation to the sound wave electric toothbrush good? We still have to talk about “electric toothbrush have any advantage,” the problem, in fact, this question is also very good answer, basically can be attributed to three points, the use of electric toothbrush users should have some experience.

1, the use of more convenient

Compared to ordinary toothbrush, the convenience of the use of experience should be a lot of people choose one of the important reasons for electric toothbrush, which may include the author of this “bed” users, every day after getting up in the sleepy do not have to brush your teeth , After long-term use you may never want to return to the “manual toothbrush” era. In addition, some smart toothbrush can also set the time to brush your teeth, rather than the feeling to control each time to brush your teeth, but also help to develop a good brushing habits.

2, brush your teeth more scientific

Although we started brushing teeth very young, but most people may not grasp the correct brushing posture, for brushing the intensity and angle is also difficult to control, often cause damage to the teeth and gums, and electric toothbrush is different , It can be in a sustained and stable frequency of cleaning the teeth, and many electric toothbrush can also adjust the strength of brushing, so brush your teeth more secure and scientific.

3, brush more clean

Many people may be in the teeth more or less after some problems, began to use electric toothbrushes, such as tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis, tartar, etc., and these problems are a big reason is that clean is not completely caused, because Ordinary manual toothbrush brushing often can only stay in the tooth surface, can not teeth, root and other areas of thorough cleaning, long-term accumulation may cause dental problems.

The electric toothbrush can use the high-speed vibration of the bristles, while cleaning the tooth surface, while the teeth of the occlusal surface, tooth gap and gingival sulcus cleaning, especially in the past two years more popular acoustic electric toothbrush, for the cleaning of teeth The effect is more obvious, long-term use will naturally improve the dental problems.

Second, acoustic electric toothbrush and rotary electric toothbrush comparison

Currently in the sale of electric toothbrush, acoustic electric toothbrush and rotary electric toothbrush is more mainstream two types of electric toothbrush, and their biggest difference lies in the “brushing way” is different. First of all, the two kinds of electric toothbrush are applied to the principle of mechanical, rotary electric toothbrush through the circular brush high-speed reciprocating rotation of the teeth to clean; and sonic electric toothbrush works is the brush in the vertical direction with the handle high-speed Left and right swing, resulting in flow of clean force, and then clean the tooth surface and the teeth of the internal retentive, and precisely because the acoustic electric toothbrush swing frequency and acoustic frequency consistent or similar, so called acoustic wave electric toothbrush.

↑ rotary and acoustic electric toothbrush principle comparison (moving)

What are the advantages of acoustic electric toothbrush?

Compared with the rotary electric toothbrush, sonic electric toothbrush vibration amplitude is relatively smaller, more flexible than the rotary electric toothbrush, the user can use the same toothbrush to maintain the same toothbrush movement, the experience will be better. The sound of the rotary electric toothbrush is often relatively large, similar to the sound of the razor, while the teeth will have some wear and tear, so the rotary electric toothbrush began to become “past”.

↑ sound wave electric toothbrush principle

↑ rotary electric toothbrush principle

Second, the sound wave electric brush brush produced by the high-frequency vibration, can bring the mouth of the water and toothpaste foam to form a small pulse clean force, the impact of tooth gap, clean plaque, to achieve a stronger than the manual toothbrush cleaning effect, there Helping to further improve dental and oral problems.

oral b trizone replacement tooth brush heads eb 30a deep clean care

But the sound wave electric toothbrush vibration frequency is not the higher the better, but need in a “gold” interval is more conducive to clean the teeth. Such as rice sound wave electric toothbrush is the use of independent research and development of high-performance magnetic levitation sound motor, more than 31,000 times / min vibration, power output torque up to 230gf.cm *, so that the toothbrush power not only stay in the motor high-frequency vibration, more efficient transmission To the brush head, even in the brush head teeth to brush your teeth, still maintain a strong power, naturally brush will be more clean.

Third, these issues are equally worthy of attention

Brush should be replaced promptly

Many people in the purchase of electric toothbrush, not only to consider the price of electric toothbrush itself, brush the same price must be concerned, because the electric toothbrush and ordinary toothbrush, at least every three months to replace a brush, a year down to replace Four times, think about it is not a small fee. At present, the meter sound wave electric toothbrush has not released a separate brush accessories, hoping to launch the price after the same cost as a toothbrush.

APP function is not waste wood

Many people think that electric toothbrush APP function gimmick is greater than practical, in fact, just the opposite. To rice sound wave electric toothbrush, for example, we will be connected to the toothbrush and APP, you can monitor their own brushing every time the situation, after brushing the end of APP will give a specific brushing report, including duration, coverage , Uniform rate and other data. Of course, in the APP can also set the meter sound wave electric toothbrush brushing time, mode, so that everyone can more scientific to brush your teeth.

to sum up:

With the growing concern about the health of the teeth, electric toothbrushes have become more and more families of choice, and sonic electric toothbrush with excellent cleaning effect and comfortable, easy to use experience, become electric toothbrush in the new “darling.” If you have to start the electric toothbrush plan, rice sound wave electric toothbrush is absolutely worth recommending products, it is not only very convenient to use, and the function and performance are not the same price of acoustic electric toothbrush, of course, the price of 199 yuan itself is also very High, as the “young people’s first electric toothbrush” and then appropriate.

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