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The most intelligent electric toothbrush

Friends around said the goddess Zhang Zilin popularity is very good, asked her favorite star friends, her answer turned out to be it – Philips Sonicare diamond bright white series of sound vibration toothbrush.

In the electric toothbrush market, it is already the most dazzling star, and Zhang Zilin, Jiang Shuxiang and other high-value high IQ goddess where they like to take it, put it down.

Philips Sonicare diamond bright white intelligent series of acoustic shock toothbrush in the electricity business platform sales of heat with its value as the same has been online, popular burst it.

Recommended Products: Philips Sonicare Diamond Bright White Series Sound Wave Toothbrush

Reference price: 2199 yuan

The Philips Sonicare Diamond Bright White Series sound wave toothbrush in the intelligence has been a breakthrough upgrade:

(A) intelligent positioning sensor

Philips Sonicare Diamond Bright White Series Sound Wave Toothbrush (Star Blue) HX9954 / 52
Reference Price: ¥ 2199 Image [2] Reviews [2] Quote Parameter Overview

In the use of Philips Sonicare diamond bright white series of sound vibration toothbrush brush teeth, brush your teeth can be seen in the APP inside a 2-minute timer (dentist recommended scientific brushing time of 2 minutes), APP will be divided into 12 teeth And track the teeth area, identify the blind area, the time for each region.

When you need to clean the next area, the APP interface will light up the corresponding area. Moreover, the handle will also be reminded by vibration to change the brushing area. In addition, 2 minutes after brushing time is complete, APP will immediately according to the user’s brushing situation in time to develop “reminder brush” program.

(B) intelligent friction sensing

Philips Sonicare Diamond Bright White Series Sound Wave Toothbrush application with intelligent friction sensing, can track whether the user is using the “left and right horizontal brush” error brushing way, always remind the user to develop the correct way to brush, reduce friction, protect the gums from Wear. And after the user brush a tooth, intimate reminder of the next time the user needs to pay attention to brush your teeth, very user-friendly.

(C) intelligent pressure sensor

Product Overview Philips (Philips) | more electric toothbrush
 Philips Sonicare Diamond Bright White Smart Series Acoustic Wave Toothbrush (
Philips Sonicare Diamond Bright White Smart Series Acoustic Wave Toothbrush (
Turns: 31000 times / min Brush: 1 Chi Zhen clean brush head
1 smart gingival brush head
1 wisdom Zhen bright white brush head
1 tongue coating clean brush head
Design: Star Blue Product Accessories: 1 USB travel charging box
1 wireless rechargeable glass
1 brush head storage box
Main function: Dual charging system
Snap-in toothbrush head
5 models: clean, bright white, gingival health, deep clean, clean tongue
User rating: 5.0 parameters offer picture evaluation evaluation forum dealer

In the use of Philips Sonicare diamond bright white series of sound vibration toothbrush, if the user’s efforts to appear improperly, in the APP interface will prompt to remind the user to adjust the intensity of the tips, in addition, the toothbrush handle will shake, and the bottom of the The display will light up, 3 heavy tips to ensure that users brush their teeth scientific.

Edit Comment: Philips Sonicare from the brand and strategy has been committed to each user in the brushing of this matter can enjoy the smart Internet brings high-tech, high-quality experience.

2 Panasonic acoustic electric toothbrush EW-DE43
Recommended products: Panasonic acoustic electric toothbrush EW-DE43

Reference price: 738 yuan

Most people think that electric toothbrush can brush the teeth more clean. A good brushing habits of people, the use of ordinary toothbrush brushing, can not clean the long-standing stubborn tooth stains. This time on the need for a more clean toothbrush to completely crush the mouth of the cumulative stubborn tooth stains. Panasonic this sound wave toothbrush brush handle is a patent “constant” movement, the use of sound wave stain technology, can be no dead angle cleaning.

        Panasonic sound electric toothbrush a total of four kinds of professional brush head, respectively, for the soft hair class fine brush head, more than a thin brush head, the focus of brush, silicone health brush head, which fine fine brush about 0.02 mm, before the bristles 3mm can enter the periodontal pocket, 45 degrees angle horizontal brush teeth, gums, can effectively remove the tartar and periodontal pocket periodontal bacteria, and remove tartar.

        Edit Comment: This toothbrush has a number of models, a variety of colors, in the design details, this toothbrush is a closed waterproof design, can be directly washed, do not worry about falling water and affect its life. More intimate is that it uses a global voltage, charging does not require any transformer, reducing a lot of trouble. But its functional model is relatively simple, the price is not enough people, but in terms of quality, Panasonic brand reputation is worthy of trust.

3 force to win the sound wave toothbrush
        Recommended products: force to win the sound wave toothbrush

        Reference price: 229 yuan

electric toothbrush heads sonic replacement for philips bristles brush hx6074

        Strength of the sound wave toothbrush has been updated to the 4th generation, through continuous innovation, the fourth generation of this toothbrush with the national patent dual-core magnetic suspension “constant” movement, made of stainless steel, effectively protect its life and stability.

      In the use of electric toothbrush, the noise problem has been criticized, this sound toothbrush upgrade, the operation of the noise to reduce a lot, the equivalent of mobile phone typing volume. This change greatly improved the experience of electric toothbrush.

         It is worth mentioning that it is a smart touch operation, gently press, you can freely switch a variety of modes. Vertical display switch clean, soothing, whitening and other modes, horizontal display switching power and partition. In the battery life, give it a red power, you can live 21 days. You can always view the remaining power on the touch screen, do not worry about the next day woke up to find the embarrassing situation of no electricity.

         Edit Comment: Li Bo as the first independent research and development of sound toothbrush business, has more than ten years of history. The price has been adopted close to the people line, if you first buy electric toothbrush, the budget is not much, this toothbrush is a good choice.

4 Oral B 4000 intelligent electric toothbrush
         Recommended products: Oral B 4000 intelligent electric toothbrush

         Reference price: 529 yuan

          In the process of brushing the habit of brushing, if the brushing mode is too single, it will be easy to make people feel boring, Oral B has four major care strain mode: daily cleaning, gingival massage, gentle vibration, polished whitening mode, a variety of models to the whole Brushing the process a lot more fun.

        The biggest highlight of this toothbrush is its brush head design. From the overall point of view, a small round head brush full of wild, the blue brush handle set off very slim. Whitening brush with polished cup design, so that whitening teeth become more simple and convenient, and multi-angle clean brush can be deep into a number of difficult parts of the mouth, multi-angle cleaning, cleaning intensity.

        Many people in the beginning of the use of electric toothbrush, it will not adapt, because I do not know how to grasp the use of it to brush your teeth when the intensity. Ou Le B This toothbrush built a Hawkeye control lamp, you can real-time perception of pressure. When you are too much force, the indicator light will light, remind you to reduce the intensity of brushing teeth. At the same time, the brush will automatically slow down, effectively protect your gums.

         Sales business: Suning Tesco

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        Edit Comment: O Le B this electric toothbrush focus on clean energy efficiency, vibration frequency of 48,800 times / min, clean and strong. It’s 3D swirl shock wave, you can from around the left and right angle surrounded by teeth stained insects, they are all driven away. If you have a little overweight in the cleanliness of your teeth, choose it to fit.

        Editor Summary: Living in this intelligent age, we are lucky. Brush your teeth intelligent, let us contact with the technology more closely, and Philips Sonicare diamond bright white series of sound vibration toothbrush is the most technologically sensitive electric toothbrush. Technology gradually integrated into our lives, everywhere, it can not help but look forward to brushing this thing will appear more and more fun on the more intelligent “oral care smart housekeeper.”

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